dFlights, a young company supported by Dominika Kulczyk, is taking first big steps in the film industry. It has already achieved a great success through one of its productions. In 2020, dFlights was one of the co-producers of the film “The Hater” (Sala samobójców. Hejter) directed by Jan Komasa, the Oscar-nominated director for his film “Corpus Christi”.

“The Hater” won an award at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival 2020. The jury’s decision was unanimous. It is the first Polish film in history that was in the main competition (International Narrative Competition) of this important festival organized in the heart of New York Manhattan. And the first which won the main award.

When asked why she was interested in investing and in the film industry, Dominika Kulczyk, replied using a quote from her beloved writer Olga Tokarczuk: ‘Not knowing anyone and being recognized by no one. Escaping their own lives, and then being safely escorted right back to them.’ A film is sometimes an escape, and sometimes it is a beautiful and difficult journey, laughter, tears, anger and joy. It’s about being here and being there. That is why this world fascinates me so much – it sets us on a constant thought path towards ourselves.” she said.

The Hater

Direction: Jan Komasa Production: Polska 2020 Producer: Naima Film
Coproducents: dFlights, TVN, Canal+, Coloroffon